In-Lieu-Of Taxes

PILOT Program

The Payment In-Lieu-of Tax (PILOT) Program is administered through the nine different development Boards or entities listed below. PILOT is an incentive program to expand / attract businesses to Shelby County and to the downtown area by encouraging the renovation of existing buildings and the creation of new jobs. Taxes are frozen via contractual agreement.

Downtown Memphis Commission
Contact: Email Paul Young
Ph: (901) 575-0540

Industrial Development Board of Arlington
Contact: Email Cathy Durant or Email Brittany Owens
Ph: (901) 867-2620

Industrial Development Board of Bartlett
Contact: Email Mark Brown
Ph: (901) 385-6444

Industrial Development Board of Collierville
Contact: Email John Duncan
Ph: (901) 457-2213

Industrial Development Board of Germantown
Contact: Email Marie Lisco
Ph: (901) 757-7249

Economic Development Growth Engine EDGE
Contact: Email Marjorie Shaw
Ph: (901) 341-2114

Industrial Development Board of Millington
Contact: Email Jon Crisp
Ph: (901) 873-5790

Health, Educational, & Housing Facility Board of Memphis, Tennessee
Contact: Email Martin Edwards, Jr.
Ph: (901) 527-6400

Health, Educational, & Housing Facility Board of Shelby County
Contact: Email Stephen Anderson
Ph: (901) 259-7100

The Trustee mails the tax bills in the Fall of each year for the PILOT program in accordance with the contract specifications under a unique parcel number until such time that the contract is terminated. For additional information regarding payments or bills, email Dariyelle Washington in the Trustee’s Office. Visit the PILOT Reports page to view monthly and annual PILOT reports.