Community Outreach

Community Outreach & Financial Empowerment

Tax Relief Program

The Tax Relief Program provides money to pay all or part of the local property taxes for low-income seniors (65 & older), disabled taxpayers, and veterans. For those who qualify, the money never has to be repaid.

Tax Freeze Program

The Tax Freeze Program was established by the Shelby County Commission to freeze property taxes for seniors (65 & older).

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Wheel Tax Program

The Wheel Tax Program is for seniors (65 & older) or disabled taxpayers and provides a $50 annual reimbursement of the County Wheel Tax.

Quarterly Pay Program

The Quarterly Pay Program is a way for seniors (65 & older) to make affordable tax payments four times a year without interest and penalty.


As tax season activity increases, representatives from the Shelby County Trustee may visit local community centers and libraries to make payment services more convenient to taxpayers with mobile cashiering.

Greater Memphis Financial Empowerment Center

The Greater Memphis Financial Empowerment Center (GMFEC) is a Shelby County Trustee program in partnership with RISE Foundation, sponsored by the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis, and made possible with support from the Cities for Financial Empowerment, Shelby County Government, Shelby County Assessor’s Office, Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division (MLGW), City of Memphis Government, United Way of the Mid-South, the Assisi Foundation, and Bank On Memphis.

Bank On Memphis

Bank On Memphis is a city-wide effort to serve the unbanked and under-banked population in Memphis by helping them to open no-cost or low-cost bank accounts and establish credit. Founding partners include: RISE; the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Memphis Branch; the City of Memphis; and the Shelby County Trustee.

On My Own

On My Own is a hands-on, real life simulation that gives students, ages 13-18, the opportunity to experience their futures in a fun and exciting way. Participants assume they are 26 years old, are the primary or sole support of the household, and are encouraged to make healthy and wise lifestyle choices similar to those adults face on a daily basis.

On My Own has reached over 4,100 students through partnerships with schools, universities, churches and youth groups.

Wallet warnings

Wallet Warnings arose out of a deep dive into consumer financial fraud in Shelby County. The Trustee received a small grant to take a hard look at it and create a strategic plan to address what was found. The Consumer Financial Fraud Idea Team did just that in late 2020 and early 2021. Wallet Warnings launched in November 2021 as a monthly OpEd about a hot consumer fraud issue impacting Shelby County Residents. Working closely with the Better Business Bureau, we provide real time information about what's happening and how to prevent it. We know you work hard for your money, and we want to make sure you keep it. The Trustee’s Office is responsible for safe-guarding the County’s money and we want to help you safeguard yours!